Digitization Intern @ Museum of Vancouver

Submitted 6 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

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The Museum of Vancouver is actively digitizing its artifact collection with the goal of associating a digital image with each artifact record in the recently launched and publically accessible online database, “openMOV”  See success story at Museum of Vancouver Intern Improves Access to City Collections


Of the approximately 62,000 artifact records, roughly 17% have an accompanying image. Through assisting the Collections Associate, the intern will play a valuable role in increasing the number of artifacts with an associated visual record. In particular, the intern will assist with the digitization of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Legacy Collection.

Tasks undertaken by the intern will include assisting with: moving, dusting, supporting and photography of 3-dimensional artifacts; scanning of flat artifacts; processing digital images, downloading images to the server, and linking images to artifact records in the database.