Museum of Vancouver Intern Improves Access to City Collections

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Working with the YMCA Digital Skills Youth Internship Program to provide work experience for a young person as a Digitization Intern @ Museum of Vancouver  was a great experience all round.  The application process was straightforward, and if assistance was needed, the program coordinator at the YMCA returned phone calls and emails quickly. 

Having payroll taken care of by the Y streamlined the process still further.  While the 20 weeks covered by the program was generous, a longer internship period would be the ideal.  Six months provides enough time for training in a challenging project, allow for ramp up time and for the intern to produce a significant amount of work while working with a full understanding of the project. This more well rounded level of knowledge and hands on experience is in turn reflected in the intern’s skill set and greatly improves the quality of his/her resume and employability.  For the host, 6 months makes best use of the institution’s time in terms of training and supervision, and as mentioned, allows for the selection of a challenging project which results in a product that the institution may not have been able to do otherwise.  At the Museum of Vancouver, we were able to greatly improve access to the City’s collection through this funding opportunity. - Thansk so much - Wendy Nichols Curator of Collections / Museum of Vancouver