Local Investment Toward Employment via Matt the Intern

Matt and crowd running.JPG
Friday, September 28, 2012

Having a Communications Coordinator Intern @ Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE)  from the YMCA's Digital Skills Youth Internship Program over the summer was a fantastic support for our organization. The support allowed us to do so much more this summer and Matt our Post-Secondary Grad Intern really did a great job on all of the tasks assigned to him. He helped us bring out a record number of runners this year (62 compared to last years 41) to run just for our organization in the Run for Rights event that is held every June.

In addition to a number of other tasks, he helped us with increasing our social media presence, writing a successful application for funding towards a promotional video, writing stories for our annual newsletter, as well as developing a fabulous template for our Annual Report. Just recently, I was able to provide him with a reference for an organization that was looking to hire him for a great position. The internship was truly a win-win for us all!

-Tana Hendren, Executive Director, LITE (Local Investment Toward Employment)

Thanks again for the opportunity YMCA, it really made a huge difference for us this summer!